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We have 8 different varieties of yellow flesh, freestone peaches. This wide variety of peaches was planted so our customers can enjoy picking fresh peaches for weeks every season! Some of the varieties you will find include June Flame, July Flame, O’Henry, August Lady, Summer Flame, and August Flame. If you are interested in one of these varieties in particular, please contact us for an estimated harvest time.

Thompson Seedless Grapes (green)


Available August 2015

A long, sweet, green grape, these grapes are the most widely planted variety of grapes in California. They can be used for table grapes, raisins, or wine and fruit juices. These grapes usually ripen in mid-August and are available for picking through September.

Red Flame Grapes



These grapes are a firm, round, red grape with a delightful flavor. These grapes add vibrant color and flavor to any meal. Depending on the weather, these usually are available for picking in late July and early August.



Sold out for 2015

We offer three different types of plums! Depending on the time of your visit, you can enjoy Owen T, Friar, or Angelino plums.



July - August

We offer two different varieties of fresh eating tomatoes – one with medium size fruit (early girl) and another with large fruit (Better Boy). We have also begun to offer the Amish Paste tomato that is primarily used for paste and sauces.



Sold out for 2015

We have large, juicy apricots available for picking in the early summer.

Armenian Cucumbers

armenian cucumber

Sold Out for 2015

These sweet, tender cucumbers are well-known for their fantastic flavor. U-Pick is about the only way to get these since their shelf life is so brief.

Okra | Eggplant | Bell Peppers | Jalapenos


Sold out for 2015

Okra, Eggplant, Bell Peppers, and Jalapenos are being offered this year on a trial basis. Please let us know how you like them!